MyJewelkart /Jewellery care

"My jewelkart  designer jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime but to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it arrives take care when storing and cleaning your jewellery."


Please handle your jewel piece with care. Its been handcrafted by master metalsmiths with great care over many hours. Avoid excessive force to maintain the integrity of the piece. Avoid direct contact with perfume or any chemical which may affect the gold surface or damage the gem material permanently. Clean the surface with a soft dry cloth only. Store in a appropriate box/container. For further care & repairs please do get in touch with us.


There is no need to clean pearls – the natural oils on your skin will help maintain their lustre. Even very mild detergent may damage their delicate coating.
Pearls should be restrung every one to four years, depending on how often you wear them. If the string on your pearls is still bright white, it’s probably still fine. But if it’s beginning to look dull or grey, it’s time to restring.
To arrange to have your pearls restrung, take them to our boutique, or contactor call  



Some of our 14 & 18 carat gold jewellery is plated with rhodium, which can give it either a bright, polished gold finish, or a sleek surface appearance.
Store your rhodium plated jewellery in its own pocket or pouch of a jewellery box or wallet to prevent it getting scratched and if your pieces start to look tired then bring them into one of our boutiques for re-plating, to restore their shine.


Although gemstones are some of the hardest natural materials in the world, the cut and setting can make them vulnerable. Larger stones in particular should be worn and stored with care.
Porous gemstones, including amber, turquoise, opals, coral and pearls may be stained by oils or liquids, so it’s particularly important to avoid contact with face creams, sun tan lotion and household chemicals. Wash porous gemstones in lukewarm water and polish with a lint-free soft cloth.


Jadau forms one of the major examples of high skilled craftsmanship that was brought into India by Mughals. Kundan is the purest form of Gold. Kundan is made by heating and purifying 24 carat gold. The purified gold is converted into thin foils that is called Kundan. Jadau ornaments are made with Kundan.
Polki Jadau jewelry is very delicate, therefore it is recommended to wear it sitting down with extra care, as any fall on a hard surface will break it. Being speciality jewellery Polki & Kundan require extreme care. It is important to adorn the jewellery only after having applied make-up and perfume.
Kundan & Polki jewellery need dust free and proper storage, and should be kept in a tight closed box. Also, wrapping the jewellery with white butter paper or soft muslin cloth will protect it from turning black under oxidisation.